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Education and e-learning

short and long educational voiceovers

Over the years, I have created many eLearning and educational voiceovers. Some are relatively short, but others are of much longer length. The longest project I have recorded, so far, was 11 and a half hours long. This project came in at over 100,000 words, about a novel and a half.

I have worked with many institutions, including the International Baccalaureate, on projects of many types. I am always happy to discuss working in this area.


short and long educational voiceovers

In the early years of my acting career, I worked in the London hospitals as an ODO (Operation Department Orderly). Later, I trained as a paramedic with the London Ambulance Service. I stayed seven years and learnt a great deal. My wife is a GP, which helps when things get technical.

A few years ago, I took CILEX level 3 Criminal and Contract Law. I am not entirely sure why, but I wanted to challenge myself and have always had an interest in legal matters. I passed all the exams. Although I have never used the qualification, it has come in handy for certain jobs.

Narration & Documentary


One of the first voiceovers I recorded, just after the studio was built, was for Copper Tree Media.

They recorded a short video out in the mountains and wrote a script entitled ‘Friends’ which they needed a voice for. I had just written to them, so they contacted me. I‘ve always been very fond of it.

Since that first encounter, we have worked together many times.

Character & Theatre


I trained as an actor back in the 1980s after I finished my degree. I then went on to have an acting career which is still going on today. Occasionally, I get asked to create a character for a project which takes me back to my routes.


Government & Local authority

Accurate & Clear

I have been trusted by several companies to add my voice to official papers. This is done to help those unable to read or are blind. Reading along with a BSL interpreter.

This needs to be accurate and clear. It often needs to be turned around quickly and sections are often changed at the last minute. We proof all documents three times to make sure they are error free.

Explainer Videos

Pace & Energy

Most companies are fully aware of the power of a strong verbal and visual message. The classic 'Explainer video' is a perfect example of this format in motion. I have recorded many reads for such projects.


Audio Books

As an actor, I enjoyed radio work. When I became a VoiceOver artist, I looked for opportunities to read drama. I have done so for ITV on occasions, as well as independent film companies. The audiobook seemed an obvious progression, so I started contacting those in need of a voice. I have recorded many audiobooks since. Below is a sample.

Mastering Working From Home Succesfully

By Gary Bryant

Gary wrote this book during the lockdown and wanted to get it onto the market quickly. I recorded it from start to finish over the weekend with no retakes. It has done remarkably well with many good reviews. Well worth a read.


Pay Attention

By Peter Sainsbury

I took a degree in Psychology before my post-graduate course in Drama. So, when Peter contacted me about narrating his very intelligent book, I leapt at it. His approach is truly original and some of his insights are frightening. It is well worth a read.


Waking up tomorrow

By Jonathan Marrit

This is a very personal book on anxiety and depression. I spent some time talking to Jonathan before I recorded it. His opening monologue was so well written and a joy to read. It has picked up many five-star reviews in the last few years.




Tim went above and beyond for our Internet video, a great professional and lovely to work with.

Workshop Manchester

Thanks for getting on board, it was great to work with you. You took direction well, over what was a slightly confusing and a self-admiringly vague script.

Cherryduck London

Liked working with him. Has a great voice.

Silueta, Tel Aviv

Tim was great to work with! I would recommend him and I look forward to working with him again in the future!

Dirty Robber, Los Angeles

Tim was great to work with. He had a reel feel for the VoiceOver, and was very communicative and professional. Can't recommend him enough. Would love to work with him again.

Andrew Schrader, Film Director


As a child, I found myself in plays at school. I'm not sure if it was through chance or desire but there I was performing to friends and family at least on a yearly basis. Puck in Midsummer Night's Dream, Algernon in the Importance of Being Earnest and finally just before I left school Milo in Sleuth, a part played by Michael Caine in the film starring him and Lawrence Oliver. Many years later, I would play Frank in Educating Rita, another part immortalised on the screen by Sir Michael.

At university, I acted several times, including "Alan" in "Equus", probably the most demanding role I have taken on. I trained at the Drama Studio in London. A one-year postgraduate course designed to set you up for the harsh life in one of the most difficult professions.

Since those early days, I have worked all over the world. Including, Canada, the US, South America, Europe, and across the British Isle.

It was not till many years later that a client of mine commented on my voice, saying that I should be working in radio and podcasts. It was not that I had heard this before, but this gentleman had a great deal of experience in radio and TV, so I listened.

In 2018 I, built the booth. Constructed using 2” by 4” and plasterboard. The walls were lined with carpet and the cavities were filled with sound insulation. This construction has survived a move to our current home and serves me well.

I have recorded hundreds of voiceovers. I was most grateful as this helped me through lockdown and beyond. The work is isolating, but very rewarding.